Workshop requests

As part of our enabling function, SADiLaR facilitates the organisation and presentation of various workshops to support researchers and students in digital humanities. The following is a summary of some of the workshops that can be supported by SADiLaR. If you are interested in attending or hosting one or more of these workshops, please complete the online form, and we will contact you to start the process of hosting a workshop. If there are workshops not currently in the list, please also feel free to contact us for further discussions on possible collaboration.

All workshops sponsored by SADiLaR implement the SADiLaR Workshop code of conduct.

Data analysis and annotation tools

Digital Humanities

Corpus creation

  1. Introduction to corpus collection
  2. Metadata and annotation
  3. Data curation
  4. Digitisation
  5. Corpus formats
    1. XML
    2. TEI

Linguistic text processing tools

  1. Text processing basics
  2. Part of speech tagging
  3. Phrase chunking
  4. Named entity recognition
  5. Optical character recognition
  6. Language identification


  1. Data carpentry
    1. Excel
    2. OpenRefine
    3. SQL
    4. R
    5. Python
  2. Software carpentry
    1. Unix shell
    2. Version control with Git
    3. Programming with Python
    4. Programming with R
  3. Library carpentry
    1. Unix shell
    2. Open Refine

*Any workshop requests must be submitted 6 weeks prior the event.