Data citation guidelines

SADiLaR understands and values the contribution that data makes to the empirical investigation of language, and digital scholarship in general. Robust, accessible data is a fundamental part of the research process and should be acknowledged as legitimate, citable research outputs. Affording this status to data will ensure the reuse of data, as well as the verification of research claims. With this in mind, SADiLaR has recently endorsed two initiatives that address data citation.

The FORCE11 Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles state that “[s]ound, reproducible scholarship rests upon a foundation of robust, accessible data. For this to be so in practice as well as theory, data must be accorded due importance in the practice of scholarship and in the enduring scholarly record. In other words, data should be considered legitimate, citable products of research. Data citation, like the citation of other evidence and sources, is good research practice and is part of the scholarly ecosystem supporting data reuse.”

A secondary initiative, The Austin Principles of Data Citation in Linguistics, “interprets the FORCE11 document to address linguistic data specifically. These guiding principles have been created to enable linguists to make decisions about their data that ensure it is as accessible and transparent as possible. Some subfields of linguistics may already have specific guidelines for data citation; in these cases the Austin Principles can supplement extant guidelines to ensure that data citation conforms with current best practices.”

SADiLaR encourages all researchers who make use of the resources available from this site, the repository, and technology portals, to cite the resources used in any research in an appropriate manner. Furthermore, we encourage individual researchers and institutions to endorse the principles of either FORCE11 or the Austin Principles directly.

The following sites provide guidelines on data referencing in different styles :



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