Resource guidelines

Our repository functions as a digital storage space for a range of language resources and is available open access.

The repository is made up of three parts:

  • The Index contains metadata for all assets in the repository, those that can be downloaded and those that can be requested by the person listed as the contact person for the specific asset.
  • The Catalogue is a digital collection of language resources, in various modalities, that are available for download from SADiLaR’s repository.
  • The Student Data Repository is a collection of language resources available as part of the output of postgraduate study programmes. The downloadable resources include different formats including sound recordings in MP3, PDF documents and usable applications amongst others.

Submitting a resource

If you have developed a language resource and wish to make it usable and/or discoverable for others, SADiLaR’s repository is an excellent option. We distribute both metadata and resources from third-party data providers. Resources can be submitted to the Index, where only metadata is provided for the resource(s), or to the Catalogue, from where the data will be distributed. Both options require a minimum amount of metadata.

Who can submit?

Currently only persons associated with established research or educational institutions are allowed to submit resources directly to the repository. (You can check if your institution is registered here for South Africa or international.

If you want to deposit a resource, but are not associated with one of these institutions, please contact us to organise temporary access to the submission procedure.

Conditions for submission

All resources will be evaluated to ensure the following conditions are met:

  • The resource is scientifically relevant to one of the communities served by SADiLaR
  • Metadata is of sufficient quality to make the resource discoverable
  • Proof of resource quality or evaluation procedure to ensure high quality resource
  • License information is available, and in line with SADiLaR policies
  • Acceptance of the Resource Distribution Agreement.

If resources are rejected for inclusion in the Language Resource Catalogue, the item will still be listed in the Language Resource Index, with all relevant metadata.

How to submit your resource

  • Click on the Login link in the top right hand corner of the SADiLaR repository
  • Log in using your academic credentials via your home institution. If your institution is not listed in the discovery service, please contact us for alternative login options
  • Click on the ‘Submissions’ item in the left hand panel
  • Select “Start a new submission
  • Select the “Language Resource Management Agency > Resource Index” Collection.
  • Complete the metadata information as requested on the “Describe Item” page. For more information on metadata, see our metadata guidelines page.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • In the “Upload a File” page, select a file to upload to the repository if you want to submit the item to the Resource Catalogue for distribution. Please note that this should preferably be in one of the CLARIN or MPIPL recommended data types (data is another format will also be considered but may delay the process). If data is in another format, the format should be documented explicitly and exhaustively as part of the submission.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Verify that all the information is correct and correct any fields as required.
  • Accept the distribution license. Items will only be added to the Repository once the license has been accepted.

Once these steps have been performed, the item will be reviewed and submitted to the Repository for distribution.

If you experience any issues with the submission process, email us at