SADiLaR, as a research infrastructure, drives technological innovation in the fields of humanities and social sciences. We do this through the creation, management and distribution of digital language resources which are freely available through our repository.

We encourage all those who work in, or have an interest in, language technologies to access and use our resources, or upload and make available to the community your own resources.

To ensure these resources are managed efficiently we have a number of guidelines and policies that we ask users of the repository to adhere to. These include:

  • Metadata guidelines: to ensure the data is accurately described to make sure the data is findable and accessible.
  • Digitisation guidelines: digitisation of existing resources and collections to ensure both wider access and preservation of the collections is an important part of our work at SADiLaR, with a particular focus on collections of data of South African languages.
  • Resource guidelines: find out more about how to use our existing resources or add to our resource repository.
  • Policies: find all policy documents relevant to the work of SADiLaR, including the privacy policy, data access policy and data preservation policy
  • MoreĀ information: this includes other information relevant to users of SADiLaRā€™s resources including data management plans, data acquisition and distribution and our student repository information.