Data Access Policy

SADiLaR is committed to the principles of open science. We feel it is especially relevant in the South African context where ten of the eleven official languages are considered under-resourced. By making data from all eleven languages more readily available we are better able to support the development of our indigenous languages. Our data access policy was developed through wide consultation with a range of stakeholders.

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Data Preservation Policy

One of our key goals is to deliver long-term access to research data and research tools, as well as making them accessible and discoverable. This means data preservation, thinking through the persistence and longevity of our data through technology change, is necessary. All data deposited is reviewed annually to determine whether the format of the underlying resource is still widely supported, and in cases where they are not, or may become redundant in the near future, the original depositor is contacted to update the data to a newer format. In some cases, updates to resources may be undertaken by SADiLaR.

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Privacy Policy

SADiLaR provides certain services and data sets that require verification of users to ensure that they are associated with a recognised research institution, such as uploading resources to our repository. This information is retrieved from the identity provider service of your home institution. No personal data is disclosed to third parties.

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