Sponsorship Evaluation Process Guideline

This guideline outlines the process for evaluating and awarding sponsorship requests to ensure alignment with SADiLaR’s strategy and mutual benefit for all parties involved.

The document seeks to ensure that sponsorships are aligned with SADiLaR’s mission, provide value to our partners and the broader community, and are properly coordinated and documented. The responsibility for sponsorships mainly lies with the Communication department, and they are administered through Finance and Research. This document aims to coordinate the process in case any other section within SADiLaR wants to pay a sponsorship amount to an external party. Additionally, this document clearly distinguishes between donations and sponsorships.


Sponsorship: payment of money, assets, or services by SADiLaR to receive advertising and exposure, subject to terms and conditions.

Donations: funds paid to any party without any responsibility for that party towards the SADiLaR or benefit to SADiLaR is a donation and not a sponsorship. NB SADiLaR does NOT engage in giving or receiving donations.


Requests should include a proposal outlining the purpose of the sponsorship, expected outcomes, and SADiLaR’s benefit. All applications should be emailed to info@sadilar.org using the sponsorship application form (Annexure A).

Feedback will be provided within 10 working days after the request was received.

This will ensure that a database of all applications will be kept for reporting purposes, that sponsorships are aligned to SADiLaR’s strategic objectives and that activities are coordinated.

2. coordinATION

To ensure that the achievements align with SADiLaR’s strategic objectives and the intended purpose of the sponsorship the following directives should be followed:

  • Sponsorship Return on Investment (ROI) approval: The ROI that the requesting party proposes to achieve through the sponsorship must be approved by Director: Operations. These achievements include aspects such as the estimated amount of exposure that SADiLaR will receive that can translate into awareness, the number of people reached, alignment to SADiLaR values, and milestones and accomplishments achieved that are directly related to the use of the sponsorship.
  • Brand Use Approval: Any use of SADiLaR’s Brand, name, logo, or any other identifying marks must be approved by the Communication Manager. A detailed proposal must be submitted indicating how, where, and when the SADiLaR’s brand will be used. This is to ensure that the brand is used appropriately and in a way that aligns with the SADiLaR’s and DSI branding guidelines.
  • Availability of Funds: While applications are welcomed and approved in terms of alignment with the SADiLaR’s strategic objectives and potential ROI, funding is limited. We encourage submissions as early as practically possible.
  • Internal Approvals: Any sponsorship request must receive the necessary internal approvals with at least sign-off at director’s level. This is to ensure that the sponsorship request aligns with  SADiLaR’s strategic objectives.


When evaluating sponsorship requests, the following will be considered:

  • Relevance: The request should align with SADiLaR’s strategic objectives and target audience.
  • Impact: The sponsorship should have the potential for a meaningful impact in terms of reach and awareness either locally, nationally, or globally.
  • Visibility: SADiLaR should receive sufficient visibility and recognition as part of the sponsorship.
  • Value: The benefits of the sponsorship to SADiLaR should outweigh or equal the cost of the sponsorship.
  • Capacity and Capability: The requesting party should have a proven record of effectively managing sponsorships and funds and report on the activities of the event (this report should be shared with SADiLaR afterwards).
  • The sponsorship should enhance or grow awareness without duplicating existing sponsorships of SADiLaR. The requesting party must ensure that there are no conflicts of interest according to subsection 34 (5) of the Higher Education Act.


For every sponsor, a sponsorship agreement should be compiled outlining the roles, responsibilities, and benefits of all parties. This will include:

  • Detailed description of the sponsorship.
  • Specific benefits towards the goal and strategy of SADiLaR, including visibility, impact metrics, and any other benefits agreed upon and how that would contribute to the specific event to take place.
  • Terms of payment with banking details and requirements for invoicing.
  • Reporting and accountability measures.
  • If not a once off sponsorship, the terms of termination should be specified.
  • For amounts below R5000 the same application form can be completed with a concise summary containing the information requested above and can be signed by the Director: Operations
  • For amounts above R5000 the same application form can be completed with a concise summary containing the information requested above and can be signed by the Executive Director. This process should align with NWU’s authorization schedule.


SADiLaR does not provide sponsorships for:

  • Political organisations or political activities.
  • Organisations or activities that conflict with the SADiLaR’s policies, values, or mission.
  • Activities that have the primary purpose of promoting a product or brand.
  • Activities where liquor and tobacco are involved.
  • Donations cannot be handled as bursaries or sponsorships.


Finance matters

  • A signed copy of the sponsorship form should be attached to the KFS e-document.
  • Feedback should be forwarded to the Director: Operations and Communication Manager for reporting purposes.
  • Feedback including the approved sponsorship form should be communicated to the applicant and communication and marketing matters highlighted.
  • SADiLaR’s finance will keep a digital register of all sponsorships. SADiLaR will maintain a digital record of all sponsorships received in its finance department.

Communication & Marketing Matters

The sponsored party has the responsibility to ensure that: 

  • The DSI and SADiLaR logos are featured in their marketing platforms including the programme and the website.
  • SADiLaR has representation in the programme. This can either be a live presentation by  SADiLaR representative or a short video that can be played during the event.
  •  SADiLaR banners are well displayed at the event as an official sponsor (x2 banners at the main stage & x2 banners at the floor/common area).
  • SADiLaR promotional material i.e. brochures are included in the event/conference packs or displayed/exhibited.
  • SADiLaR name is mentioned as an official sponsor in the write-ups before or after the event to acknowledge their sponsorship.
  • SADiLaR name is mentioned and tagged in all social media platforms of the sponsored party.
  • Feedback report by the sponsored party should be forwarded to the Director: Operations and Communication Manager within 10 working days after the event.


Funding is limited and therefore, sponsorship decisions are final.


The NWU’s sponsorship evaluation process guideline was used as a reference.

Download the SADiLaR sponsorship application form here.