The transformation of NWU’s language policy and its far-reaching impact

Professor Robert Balfour, Deputy Vice Chancellor: Teaching and Learning) at North-West University (NWU), was joined by his colleague Dr Keaobaka Seshoka, Language Director for the university’s Language Directorate, to discuss details of transformation of NWU’s language policy, its delivery and the impact it has had on the institution, staff and students.

They shared their detailed presentation to attendees of the recent Colloquium on the New Language Policy Framework for Public Higher Education Institutions. The online language colloquium was hosted by Stellenbosch University (SU) under the auspices of Universities South Africa (USAf) and is a joint project with USAf’s Community of Practice for the Teaching and Learning of African Languages (COPAL).

Dr Balfour said their presentation was, in essence, an overview of what had been done at the NWU to date, within the multilingualism and linguistic transformation project.


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