SADiLaR Team: isiNdebele Reseacher

Author: Mieke Visser

Ms. Nomsa Skosana is the isiNdebele researcher at SADiLaR. She finds the research fields of terminology development and lexicography very interesting, but specializes in translation (most of her research papers are based on translation).

She submitted a paper for Euralex 2021 with an abstract accepted for poster presentation (which was postponed due to COVID-19) and is finishing up a paper for ALASA 2020. During the period of national lockdown Ms. Skosana also started on a new paper, based on Autshumato Machine Translation.

 While working hard on her current projects, she has some exciting plans for future projects including, writing a new paper based on pure linguistics and learning more about digitization and possibly digitizing one of the most valuable Ndebele grammar books.

Ms. Skosana is particularly interested in the development of terminology, digitalization and translation within the language of isiNdebele.

Ms. Skosana shared her views on the contribution of Digital Humanities in the African context:

“Digital Humanities above all, will preserve our indigenous languages for a long run”.

“It will develop all the African under-resourced languages and provide relevant resources for these languages” she said in conclusion.