Digital Humanities Researcher

Mr Respect Mlambo

Digital Humanities Researcher:



Mlambo Respect is a Xitsonga Language Researcher at the South African Centre for Digital Resources (SADiLaR). He obtains a BA degree in Media Studies majoring in Xitsonga Language, Communication and Media Studies. He also obtains BA Honours degree and Masters of Arts degree in Xitsonga all from University of Venda. His research interests lie in the translation, terminology development, lexicography and linguistic fields such as socio-linguistics and morphology. He wants to make use of the opportunity given by SADiLaR to develop Xitsonga through the digitisation programme.


  • BA Media Studies
  • BA Honours in African Language (Xitsonga)
  • MA in African Language (Xitsonga)

Work experience:

He worked at the University of Venda for 1 year in the internship programme in the Department of MER Mathivha Centre for African Language, Arts and Culture before joining SADiLaR as Xitsonga Language Researcher in 2019. 

Contact details: