Director – Operations


Mr Juan Steyn

Director – Operations


Juan Steyn is the Director of Operations at SADiLaR. He has been involved in multiple Digital Humanities and Educational technology related projects. He also has a special interest in training and capacity building through his involvement within the Software and Data carpentry community as well as the Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa.


Masters in Business Administration (2014): Investigating critical factors of budgeting in higher education

Work experience and professional involvement:

  • 2009-2017: Manager: Digital Learning and Facilities, Faculty of Humanities, NWU
  • 2013-2017: K12 Mentorship Training, Faculty of Education Short Courses, NWU
  • 2017-current: Project manager, SADiLaR
  • 2016-current: Secretary – Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa
  • 2016-current: Software and Data Carpentry Instructor and Trainer





End-user applications

  • Backchat – Audio feedback programme
  • Papotons! – Promoting the development of the student’s oral communication skills