Project Expansion and further refinement of a multi-level, multi-genre learner corpus academic writing

Project Type: Node
Project Start Date: 1 October 2020
Project Status: Completed [Finalising]

Project Aims:

Redevelopment of the Write‐it Course in SADiLaR’s Moodle environment

Project Deliverables:

  1. Moodle Course

1.1 Task Analysis

1.2 Planning your writing

1.3 searching for information

1.4 Academic writing

1.5 Structure of a paragraph

1.6 Introduction and conclusion

1.7 Introduction to argument structure

1.8 Discourse markers

1.9 Introduction to referencing

1.10 Source introduction

1.11 Paraphrasing

1.12 Develop a convincing voice

1.13 Clarity and accuracy

1.14 Referencing

1.15 Academic integrity for students