Senior Project Administrator / Coordinator

Mr Makgobalo Cascious Mofokeng 

Senior Project Administrator / Coordinator


Cascious Mofokeng is a Prince 2 Project management practitioner at SADiLaR. He is a strong planner and problem solver who readily adapts to change and finds inspiration from the rich history, social makeup, and cultural evolution that the African language has carried from ancient times to date.


  • BA in Public Governance, Politics, and Law 
  • BA Honours Development and Management 
  • National Certificate Human Resources 
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) 
  • Prince2 (Foundation Certificate in Project Management) 
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management, (Business Administration, Management and Operations) First leg of MBA  


Work experience:

  • 2014 – 2015: Student supplementary instructor/tutor (North-West University, Vanderbijlpark Campus)  
  • 2015: Lecturer assistant (North-West University, Vanderbijlpark Campus)  
  • 2015 – 2018: IT student assistant (North-West University, Vanderbijlpark Campus)
  • 2017: MMI Holdings – sales consultant
  • 2019- 2020 Senior Service Desk Consultant (South African Centre for Digital Language Resources)
  • 2021 -Till present Senior Project Administrator /Coordinator (South African Centre for Digital Language Resources)


Career Highlights and Major Projects achieved:

  • Department of Higher Education Language Resource Audit: This is a national project for ALL 26 public Universities in South Africa in which Mr. Mofokeng had an opportunity to co-lead and participate in the success of the continuity of the program among many similar projects he has been involved in. 


  • COVID-19 multilingual terminology list document in all the South African languages: Formed part of administrative team This was a terminology list development initiated by the City of Tshwane and sponsored by the South African Centre for Digital Language Resources, the Department of Science and Innovation and assisted through verification of the list by PanSALB’s national language boards.


  • Celebration of the official languages of South Africa: Formed part of Project team / Administrative team as part of UNESCO’s 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages (IYIL2019), SADiLaR celebrated the 11 official languages of South Africa by assigning each language to a month of 2019. We hosted collaborative events at various universities in South Africa. Each celebration event was unique and offered mother tongue speakers of the language, academics, language specialists, and the public the opportunity to share ideas and act in creating awareness of our 11 official languages. It also offered a platform to work together and discuss the future development of our languages and language resources.


  • 2019 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING MOBILITY: TOWARDS GLOBALISATION 25-26 SEPTEMBER 2019: Co-Presented a Workshop at Conference Titled: Introduction to Voyant Tools: This event provided a platform to discuss and engage the need for discourse on how teaching and learning of foreign languages could be advanced to better the cause. It is in that context that language practitioners, researchers, education specialists, and scholars across different disciplines had to converge and explore effective ways of advancing the teaching and learning of foreign languages to promote global mobility. To this end, this conference seeks to create a platform for interaction amongst stakeholders from far and wide to share their exciting research and pedagogies to broaden and diversify the teaching of foreign languages and cultures in the quest for the promotion of global mobility.


  • The advancement of technology: formed part of the project team on a platform provided by SADiLaR to access linguistic data and reuse this data, while also equipping researchers with the technologies and software to simplify linguistic analysis as much as possible. The main distribution channel is a repository that allows interested parties to access any of the data sets distributed and made available by SADiLaR.” The repository will also link to larger international infrastructures and language distribution agencies such as the European Language Resource Association (ELRA) and CLARIN in Europe, and the Language Data Consortium (LDC) in the USA,” says Dr. Roald Eiselen, SADiLaR’s technical manager. SADiLaR is aiming to make several research-enabling technologies available to the advanced level of today’s technology development.


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